"If you are considering hiring Kiele Raymond to edit your work, please take my serious, professional advice: do it. Kiele is a reservoir of boundless enthusiasm, humor, and wit mixed with editorial brilliance. She is incisive and sharp, and makes the editorial process entirely collaborative. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Kiele really is a gem."

Steve Seager, author of Behind the Gates of Gomorrah

"My husband Mark and I were fortunate to have Kiele as our editor at Simon & Schuster. It was Kiele’s vision and attention to detail that transformed our story into the rich, engaging, and complex book that it ultimately became. In addition, her professionalism inspired excellence in all parties attached to our project. I highly recommend Kiele for any editorial role and hope for the opportunity to work with her again."

Christy Kidd, author of A Modern Marriage

"We'd be lost without Kiele. Every time we sent her a chunk of our work we waited insecurely to hear that it was nothing but trash. It was, mostly because we write about trash, but she never told us that. Instead, she gave us a positive, easy to follow, intelligent, and insightful guide to becoming better authors. Kiele took our best and made it better."

Mike and Dave Stangle, authors of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

"After four years spent writing my first novel, I was hesitant to send my manuscript to an editor, but Kiele proved my concern to be unfounded. By the time I finished reading her feedback, it was clear that she had taken the time not only to understand my characters, but to also 'get' my conception for the book. She sent me clear, actionable suggestions that undoubtedly strengthened the overall flow of my narrative. If you are looking for a sympathetic, yet unbiased reader, look no further: Kiele is the best."

Quincy Carroll, author of Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside

"Kiele's line edits were nothing short of transformative. In terms of narrative, she both identified new aspects I could bring to the fore as well as polish what I had already done into a bright sheen. My characters became deeper, more tragic, more heroic, more everything. Yes, it was that good.  But perhaps the easiest way to sum up is that I hope she is available to work on my sequel. I wouldn't want to publish a book without her behind me."

Dave Barrett, author of It's All Fun and Games

"After working on my manuscript for years, I didn't know what else to do to improve the story. Then I met Kiele. She understood my purpose so well, it was like she'd been there from the beginning. It was this incredible ability to enter my characters' world that allowed her to provide specific and relevant advice. I was amazed by her insight. She genuinely wanted to help me write a better story. Not only did she do that, but she made me a better writer. I have richer characters, a sharper narrative and a more coherent plot thanks to Kiele's work. She was professional and respectful, and she made the editorial process fun. I hope to work with Kiele again and I can't recommend her highly enough."

Guy Sigley, author of Barney: A Novel (about a guy called Barney) 

"Kiele’s editorial skills were exactly what my book needed. Her line editing was thorough, consistent, and akin to taking a class in writing. She helps you recognize your shortcomings (we all have them), praises what works, and provides helpful suggestions for what doesn't. Her editorial memo and our follow-up discussions made it clear that she knew my story and its characters almost as well as I did. Kiele is more than just an editor, she is a story sculptor. If you feel ready to take your writing to the next level, contact Kiele." 

Rochelle Ransom, author of The Keeping


"As a new author, it was with much trepidation that I handed over my first manuscript to a professional editor. Working with Kiele Raymond, however, has been wonderful.  She has helped me map out my strengths and potential weaknesses in a most constructive way.  Her memo was filled with clear, concise ideas and suggestions for turning my work into something that I’ve never been more excited about. Kiele has taught me a lot about the writing process and how to realize my full potential.  I consider those lessons to be invaluable and sincerely hope that this is only the beginning of our author/editor relationship." 

Shannon Suby, author of I'll Be Here

"Kiele Raymond is a fantastic editor. Having the chance to work with her on my first novel must have been divine providence. Between her concise editorial memo and the thoughtful conversations we had, she was able to extract details from my characters that would have otherwise gone unearthed. All writers want to reach the best version of their story; with Kiele's guidance and advice, I was able to realize that goal. I look forward to working with Kiele in the future, and hope that many others get to share in that wonderful experience."

Eric Scott, author of Armageddon's Muse